View Full Version : CodeWallet Pro 2005 and 2006 - General FAQs (Read Only)

  1. Please post all of your questions in the forum linked below:
  2. How can I get into my wallets if I forget my password?
  3. Can I change the password on my card?
  4. What is the password for “My Sample Wallet” ?
  5. Will my information be safe in CodeWallet?
  6. How do I create a new card?
  7. Can I customize my cards, and if so what can I customize?
  8. If I don’t like the card forms offered in the program, how can I change them?
  9. Does CodeWallet come with any other forms I can add into my wallets?
  10. What types of files can I attach to my wallets?
  11. Can I easily copy text from my wallet to an application other than Code Wallet Pro?
  12. Can I import my own icons?
  13. Can I use my old CodeWallet 3.x Desktop with CodeWallet Pro 2005/2006 for Pocket PC?
  14. My wallets keeps automatically closing on me, how do I prevent this?
  15. Is it possible to import a lot of data without having to copy and paste?
  16. Can I easily save my wallet information someplace outside of CodeWallet?
  17. Can I move my wallet files from a previous (3.x) version of CodeWallet?
  18. How can I change the language on the Desktop version?
  19. I open the wallet list window on my device or PC, it does not show all wallets, why?
  20. How can I make a wallet NOT have a password?
  21. How do I use the Print feature in 2006 Desktop CodeWallet?
  22. How do I load CodeWallet 2006 desktop files to USB storage?
  23. In CW desktop 2006, what is the new card display option?
  24. Where do I enter my Registration ID/code on device or desktop version?
  25. How can I fix the "Code Wallet Samples could not be created or replaced" Error?
  26. I get a .ccd error message when I upgrade, what do I do?