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  1. Please report your bugs/issues here
  2. Display of date with recuring appointment once a year
  3. Program Closes Abruptly, Without Warning
  4. Sound when entering a secondary menu
  5. Task alarms on PC are 3 hours off
  6. CrLf missing in Calendar & Task quick view
  7. Version 2.60 Maintenance Release Update
  8. Categories Not Saved When App Exits
  9. Alarms in tasks not updating desktop correctly
  10. appointment reminder
  11. Recurring Appointments
  12. Problems editing task notes
  13. Time not visible
  14. Error - The settings could not be opened - on MPx220
  15. Can save task after editing
  16. Synchronizing causes holidays, birthdays to be off by one day...
  17. Refresh on a new day
  18. Power Tasks does not open after a week's worth of success