View Full Version : Agenda Fusion - General FAQs (Read Only)

  1. How do I get Agenda Fusion views as my default views?
  2. How do I go directly to Agenda Fusion when I turn on my device?
  3. Is there a Desktop version of Agenda Fusion?
  4. Where can I find more color schemes?
  5. How do I change the Start View/Today View background theme?
  6. Where is the Agenda Fusion User Guide?
  7. How do I Search all Agenda Fusion data?
  8. Please post all of your questions in the forum linked below:
  9. How can I get Agenda Fusion to load more quickly?
  10. I lost my registration code. How can I get it?
  11. Can I use a Memory Card to store my data or Agenda Fusion?
  12. I travel alot in other time zones, how do I change appts to reflect the time zones?
  13. Can I synchronize Agenda Fusion with Lotus Notes, ACT, or other desktop programs?
  14. Why do I have trouble sometimes using Calligrapher with Agenda Fusion?
  15. Will Fusion Find also search data in notes?