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  1. How do I use colors in the Year View?
  2. Please post all of your questions in the forum linked below:
  3. Why don't I see any of my Calendar Information?
  4. Can I fix the duplicate Birthday, Anniversary entries that show in my calendar views?
  5. Can I make the text larger in the Month View date boxes?
  6. How do I enter Holidays in Agenda Fusion?
  7. My calendar data is off by an hour compared to Outlook, why?
  8. How do I sort/prioritize Tasks in the Calendar views?
  9. Month View, How do I modify the upper box detail view?
  10. Month View, How do I get my icons to show?
  11. Agenda View, How many days can I display in the Agenda View?
  12. Year View: When I tap on a date in the Year View, can I go to Agenda or Week View?
  13. Year View: I am tapping on a date and it does not open that day, why?
  14. Month View: Can I get Birthday & Anniversary icons in Month View?