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  1. How can I display the names of company logos like in your screen shots?
  2. Please post all of your questions in the forum linked below:
  3. Can I do stylus-free dialing if I have a PPC Phone device?
  4. Can I view contacts by Company name?
  5. Contact Photos, How do I add photos to my Contacts?
  6. How do I go faster through a large contact list without scrolling?
  7. What are the dialing options with a WM5 Pocket PC Phone?
  8. How do I send a Text message?
  9. How do I send an e-mail to a Contact?
  10. How do I choose different ring tones for my Contacts?
  11. I want to list a work phone or e-mail in the Contact list, can I?
  12. Can I quickly get to an appointment or task related to a contact?
  13. Where do I change the Area Code default that shows?
  14. Version 8.x, How do the new contacts features work?
  15. How do I use Contact templates?