View Full Version : Whats Your Speed?

5th February 2007, 06:27 PM
I have 1800+ contacts, 461 tasks and lots of appointments.

These are my standard load times.
Load: 3 sec
Reload: 3-4 sec

Switch to:
Today: 3 sec
Month: 2 sec
Tasks: 2 sec
Contacts: 2 sec

Right Menu Soft Key: 3-4 sec (hmmmm)

I am very happy with Agenda One.

I wish I could assign tasks to people with an email address like you invite attendees for appointments, but that is minor vs. the list of major items that it does and does well.

I am very aggressive with not installing too many 3rd party wares.

If you have load speeds higher than what I have listed you should consider reviewing what programs are in your startup and what program are running.

Anyway great program.