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fibronet 23rd March 2009 03:13 PM

Grouping contacts

is there a way or trick to be able to group a bunch of contacts and send an email to them.

For example I have a team that works underneath me and there are time I want to call a meeting and I am out of the office and I would like to send them all a notice. I do not want to input 10-12 emails everytime. is there way or shortcut to do this ?


Developer One Support 24th March 2009 12:58 PM

In Agenda One, as you create the appt or task, you can add the attendees to the item and then once you sync with your PC, the e-mails will be sent. To add these, it is one at a time, it is not possible to save a group like you would in Outlook and other programs. You are still sending only once, but you are adding each attendee. When you are in the create/edit view of the appt or task, go down to the Attendee field and add them all there. This is the only feature in Agenda One that is available at this time because Agenda One is not actually sending the e-mail, we don't have e-mail features in the program, it only works when you sync to the PC which does the e-mailing.

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