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littlejon3 8th July 2009 11:10 AM

Adding Additional Statuses for Tasks
Is there any way to add additional statuses for Tasks? Currently there is only "Complete" and "Not Complete". I would like to add one like "Hold" for projects/tasks for work that have been put on Hold but have not fallen off the radar. Thanks in advance for the help!


Developer One Support 8th July 2009 02:32 PM

There are two ways you can effectively add any additional status. (1) You can add a status or whatever you wish by adding that as a category name in your category list. You can call it, "Hold" and then assign an icon to that category. Once you need to add the status of Hold to the item, simply edit that task and choose the Hold category and the icon will show next to those tasks that are on Hold. Note that in the Task View, you are able to Group By - Category so that may be a helpful way to view these in the Task View.

(2) However, in the Calendar views, you can set the A1 "Calendar Task Sorting" settings to only "Importance", "Start Date", "Due Date", "Sensitivity", "Complete" and "Subject", NOT by category. Therefore, if your main viewing of your tasks is in the Calendar Views, then you would need to work around this by choosing an "Importance", or "Sensitivity" or "Subject" type of label for your Hold tasks so that you can be sorting by that in the Calendar views.

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