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misery94 4th March 2008 09:47 AM

iPhone support in light of the coming SDK?
I currently use Agenda One on a Moto Q9H and really like it. I have been drawn more and more to the iPhone, however, after owning an iPod Touch. I browse a lot on mobile devices and there is NOTHING out there in the class with Safari on the Touch and iPhone. I saw a response you had to a previous post asking about iPhone development a while back. Have you changed your stance any with Apple bringing out on SDK for resident apps on the iPhone? Considering what a good job you are doing with one handed ease of use on WM Smartphones, I would love to see what you guys could do with Apple's touch interface.

Developer One Support 4th March 2008 10:30 AM

We continue to wait for Apple to release information on allowing 3rd party companies to develop software for the iPhone and the developer tools. Up to this time, Apple has not allowed it. We look forward to evaluating the possibiltity when they release further information on this.

pradley 4th March 2008 12:40 PM

Misery94, bear in mind that the iPhone is not a one-handed device. Because it requires a finger glide across the screen one hand must hold the phone while the other glides (I guess you know that since you own an iTouch). This is the main reason that, for the moment, the iPhone does not interest me. I have been using a MotoQ for quite a while, and am not ready to give up on one-hand use. HOWEVER, if AgendaOne were to be ported to the iPhone, I would certainly give it some consideration.

martin0810 9th April 2008 03:22 AM

Originally Posted by Developer One Support
We continue to wait for Apple to release information on allowing 3rd party companies to develop software for the iPhone and the developer tools. Up to this time, Apple has not allowed it. We look forward to evaluating the possibiltity when they release further information on this.
I used a windows mobile phone during the past, but since a few month I am now using the iphone. What I am really missing ist the agenda one and so I was happy to hear that you will develop an application for the iphone. Now my question: Do you have already a time frame for this?

Developer One Support 9th April 2008 11:20 AM

The developers are working with the Apple SDK, but have not decided which programs will be made for the iPhone as yet.

misery94 9th April 2008 11:23 AM

Great to hear that you are at least considering the possibility. Thanks for the reply.

MJ17SB19 10th June 2008 12:00 PM

John et al.,

Can you update us on the status of Iphone apps? The 2.0 update does not include cut and paste, rendering the Calendar application useless as a replacement/complement to Outlook for those of us who have recurring appts. that change day and time from week to week.



Dell Axim 50v

Developer One Support 10th June 2008 01:05 PM

That is being determined as we speak, we should have more information on this in coming weeks or later this summer. Thanks for your patience everyone :D

ahiemstra 16th July 2008 11:50 AM

Any news? This is about to cost you market share...
OK, I'm a loyal customer. And a bit lazy too. :p

I have used both AgendaFusion and CodeWallet on my Windows Mobile devices for ages. But now I'm switching to the iPhone. It is just a far more stable business platform. And let's not start a discussion on what is the better phone platform - numbers say people are buying iPhones in the masses. And numbers don't lie. You don't want to end up providing apps for a niche geek platform - you want to go mainstream where the volume lies.

Now with the SDK already out and numerous programs available for the iPhone, I ask myself: Where is my CodeWallet? It must be relatively easy to port CodeWallet pro to the iPhone? AgendaFusion OK, I can imagine that takes a bit longer.

One could also ask themselves, if there will be a market for AgendaFusion on the iPhone long term with MobileMe doing such a great job. Of course AgendaFusion is much much better, but still you never know what will happen from Apple. They are more fancy than Microsoft. Microsoft has been reducing functionality from their platform since all versions of Windows Mobile. Suddenly backups where gone from ActiveSync. Then Passords from Excel sheets. Etc. Etc...

In my view, DeveloperOne should focus on:
  • CodeWallet Pro for iPhone
  • Tasks for iPhone
  • AgendaFusion for iPhone
CodeWallet Pro should be a relatively easy port. It is a small and compact program and will help to gain knowledge about the iPhone platform. Need to find a way to sync though - you probably need to create your own web server component on the desktop, then sync via WAN). Another alternative could be to create a service like MobileMe where people store their stuff on your server and you push changes to devices that need to be synced. This will get you into the OnDemand business with continuous revenue streams!!! :rolleyes:

You know what? That desktop web server component could really be the OnDemand server component too. It could be the same server. And it could be used for Tasks and AgendaFusion too. And if you do it correctly, it could be uptaken by Apple one day to be added to their MobileMe platform. If I were Product Manager at your firm, I would start talking to them... :cool:

Tasks should be the next thing, because you have done such great work in AgendaFusion for tasks. And tasks are absent on the iPhone. If you guys do a great job, it could be the foundation for AgendaFusion and you may even sell this to Apple to stuff that hole in their platform. Same considerations as CodeWallet Pro: You probably need to create your own sync platform using web services on the desktop. If people open that port on their firewall, you could even sync through UMTS. And consider a MobileMe like service where tasks are stored in the cloud!

AgendaFusion would be terrific to have on the iPhone. But it might be difficult to really integrate well. You will see more people using MobileMe. So ideally the architecture for AgendaFusion should be compatible with MobileMe.

Bottom line:
1 million iPhones sold in a few days means potentially 1'000'000 customers less for your apps. People will start to play with the cheap apps that are available in the iPhone Store (including myself). For some applications like the codewallet types, people will go through a lot of effort to input their stuff that they might have previously had in CodeWallet Pro. Those customers are gone for you guys. Forever. Once they made that move, they will not go back to your platform - even if you bring out CodeWallet Pro on the iPhone. It is just too much work. Maybe if you would build import functions...

Time is crucial here! Why did you guys wait so long and focus on a dying platform? Microsoft will have to come up with quite some usability changes to win from Apple long term. I'm afraid Microsoft - once again - missed the opportunity, like they did with the iPod and the game consoles.

Could you please post some info here what your strategy is regarding the iPhone? What are the priorities? Should we wait for you guys? How long?

Really, I'm about to jump off your platforms. But like I said: I'm a loyal customer and that is why I ask first.

Regards, Arjen.

Developer One Support 17th July 2008 04:44 PM

Thank you for your feedback, we are currently working on iPhone projects at this time. You can watch the NEWS section at the bottom of our home page for further details in coming weeks and months,

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