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dg1 1st August 2007 10:44 PM

I Cannotdial From Task On Blackjack
I just downloaded PowerTasks from website onto my Samsung Blackjack (windows 5.0). I am unable to call from the task list. When I press the green call button, it jumps to the list of calls I made. This is the reason that I purchased this -- can you please help me?

Developer One Support 2nd August 2007 11:54 AM

Where you do have the phone 3#, is it in the subject line with your subject? If the phone # has the @ sign in front of the phone number within the subject line, you will see a phone icon there indicating that you can call from that link. You can either press the green phone key when you are on the task -- that will take you to the contact list where you press the contact to dial it. OR, you can go in the view to Menu > More > Call to dial it.

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