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Developer One Support 31st March 2006 03:26 PM

How does the new Call Log in the Contacts View work?
Double tap on a Contact Name in your Contact list (tapping on a blank space within the Contact may not work), use the scroll bar to the right to scroll down to see your tally of Total Calls, Incoming time and Outgoing time.
Individual call details are listed in descending order starting with the most recent. Call details include the number dialed/received, start time of the call, duration of the call, and status of the call.

If you want to delete any call history from your phone you will need to do so from the built in call log.


1. If there is an incoming (or manually dialed outgoing call) from a phone # with an extension, that call will be recorded in the last contact name alphabetically 'File As' for a contact with the same main phone number. If you dial from Agenda Fusion this call will be attributed to the proper person. This is the same as if you call a family that has many users on the same phone #, it will record the calls under the last listed person if you have each listed individually in your contacts. For either situation, you can create an "alias" Z contact under that company or family with the same number where those calls would all be recorded.

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