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Developer One Support 15th March 2006 06:15 PM

How do I access the category icons and assign them to my appts, tasks and contacts?
2002/2003 Operating System Devices ANSWER -----------
1. From any AF view, tap open the AF main menu (tap the AF red-dot whirly icon in the bottom left), choose Manage, Categories.
2. Type in your category names one at a time, tapping ADD after each entry to add it to the list. Once you have your list of names,
3. Highlight one category name at a time in the list and then tap the 'Assign Category Images' box. The icons will load into view, tap on the one you want and tap the green + sign at the bottom of the view. To remove the icon, highlight the category listing and tap the red - minus sign at the bottom of the view.
NOTE: If the icons do not load into view, you may have missed this step in the download process that asks you to load the icons, simply load the program again being careful to choose the icons and let that run completely -- always following with a soft reset of your device.

4. If you wish to use category coloring also to either highlight the item with background or text coloring, tap the tiny box to the far right of the category name and choose your color. Now, you must alter the setting for this to show correctly in your Calendar Views. To find the setting, open the AF main menu, choose Options, tap open the drop-down menu to choose 'Display' and in that list find 'Category/Status Coloring...' and set that to an option that includes either 'Bkgnd: category' or 'Text: category' depending on how you want the color applied.

NOTE: Category coloring will not show in the Contact view, so if you have categories for Contacts, we recommend you use Icons to spot them easily in your Contact list.

Windows Mobile 5 OS Devices ANSWER -----------
For WM5 devices the category manager functions very differently than noted above. The feature is more intuitive and will delete a category name/icon if it is not in use. Therefore, you cannot create a list of categories/icons. If they are not in use, they will disappear.

The only way to add an icon to a category is to first add that category to a contact, task or appointment.
If you have several categories you would like to add at once, we recommend creating an appointment named "Categories" and set the start date 10 years or so into the future (so it does not get synched off your device) and then attach all the categories you would like to use.

Here is an example of how to create category/icons in WM5 and a tip for working around the intuitive issue:

1. Create a task or appointment (you are in edit view),
2. Tap on the 3-building blocks icon in the center of the view (not the one on the far right), -- this will open the category manager view.
3. Tap on Edit Categories, add a new category name there (or choose an existing category).
4. Tap on the 'Assign category images', choose an icon and tap the + plus sign on the bottom. Also add a color by tapping on the tiny box to the far right of the category name. See #4 above for more details on coloring. Tap OK, tap OK, tap OK a third time and you are now back at your calendar view where the new item will show with the icon and/or coloring.

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