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Default IFitOne feature request: Heat Map view

I would love to see a time-series heatmap view of all of the metrics I am tracking in IfitOne. The fact that IFO already assigns heatmap-style color coding to the daily metrics results seems to suggest that this feature is already on the roadmap, but I'll advocate for it nonetheless.

Tracking my progress on each of the metrics over time would show me whether I am improving, or losing ground on the day-to-day decisions that go into losing weight (and improving productivity). This is far more useful than showing me if I am gaining or losing weight.

An example - I am tracking quality and duration of sleep, as well as several factors that contribute to sleep quality: caffeine intake, sugar, night snacks, exercise. I want to see what the trends are for these factors over time, rather then having to look at each day separately. Several of these factors can have multi-day impacts, for example (e.g. caffeine).

I _really_ love IFitOne, and have started trying to convince my friends (and my spouse!) that this tool makes tracking my daily scorecard easier than any app I have seen since I built my own using HandDBase back in the 90's.

Keep up the good work, and let me know if you need a beta tester for new versions!
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