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Default How can I display the names of company logos like in your screen shots?

With Agenda Fusion version 7.5 and greater, once you have run Agenda Fusion on your Pocket PC, it will setup a folder named 'Company Logos' under the \Program Files\Agenda Fusion folder.

Create an image (or capture one from a web site) and save it as a *.jpg, *.gif or *.bmp file. Name this file the exact name as the company that you use in your contacts database. i.e. if the company is "Developer One", the image should be named something like "Developer One.bmp". Copy this to the 'Company Logos' folder on your Pocket PC.

The next time you start Agenda Fusion and go into the Contacts view and display by company, it will show that logo for the group heading!

What size should you use for the image?

If you have a VGA resolution Pocket PC, the max size recommended is about 480 x 60 pixels. For non-VGA, the image should be no more than 240 x 30 pixels to avoid being cut off.

The background color that will be used to fill the contact company header area (if the logo is smaller than the size available) will be the color of the uppermost-left pixel in the image.
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