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Default Entering Text in "Search"

Device: Verizon SMT5800
AgendaOne v.2

Hi. I just purchased Agenda One and really like it! The problem that I have is that I can not enter text that I want. When I am, say, in Contacts and try to Search for Judy, I can enter the J ok and then the u OK, but then on the bottom there are some letter combinations that will not let me enter the next letter, d.

I have tried changing the "Text Preference" in Global Settings to every combination (ABC, Abc, T9, Last, etc.) but on the bottom it still goes to all of the letter combinations that make no sense to me, nor will it let me backspace to try and erase.

Could you please walk me through on how to enter text in both the "Search" function on the main program window and search while in contacts?

Thanks for the help!

Steven Mack
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