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OK. I figured out how to do a "reset" of my phone. (I didn't know that I would lose all of my "things" I had set up as defaults. Oh well, as long as I can get this problem resolved.)

I still have the same problem. For a specific example: When I am in the "Contacts" screen and try to search for Judy, i.e. J, U, D, Y, as soon as I press the button that contains the J, all I can get is the number 5 since it is on the same key.

I have gone into "Global Settings" and changed the "Preferred Text Entry" to all of the different options from abc/multipress, t9 predictive to Last Used", but to no avail.

I have a different, but similar problem with I am in the "Search" function (the Magnifying Glass.) When I enter the J, a capital K appears at the top, but on the bottom there is 5,K,L,J & Add Word. I can highlight the J ok. Then when I enter the U, I get 8,t,v,u & Add Word. Then when I attempt to enter the D, I get 3,e,d,f & Add Word at the bottom. Once more for the last letter, I get 9,x,y,z and Add Word. This is very time consuming and not user friendly at all.

Do you have any solutions for these two problems? If not, even though I really like the program, one of primary reasons that I bought it was the ability to do searches that my version of Windows Mobile does not have. If this can not be resolved, how can I get a refund without having to cancel the charge through my Credit Card company?

Thanks for the help,

Steven Mack
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