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PIM applications like Agenda One or Agenda Fusion are very different for the iPhone, they are not allowed to interact with the calendar and contact defaults that you have on the device, so that would be a separate program requiring a separate sync, etc. It is quite complicated and the developers are not sure users would want it because of that. We hope that Apple will change that limitation at some point.

Thank you for your interest in CodeWallet for iPhone.

As we have been making continuous changes to the iPhone version of CodeWallet through the development process to insure the best future compatibility with other mobile devices and desktop operating systems, it has taken a bit longer than expected to get this version released for the iPhone.

As soon as this is available, we will be sending out a newsletter to all registered readers of our news list. You can sign up for our newsletter on this web page, (we generally send only 3 to 5 newsletters a year to our family of users, and we do not share our list)

Thank you so much for your patience and interest in CodeWallet Pro for iPhone.

Developer One Support
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