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Default IFitOne: Bug: Adding or changing metric breaks historical data

When I add a new metric to IFitOne, it 'breaks' the historical data, which makes the summary data useless.

Example: Assume I have 4 metrics (A,B,C,and D), with data for 1 month, then add a new metric (B.1) so there are now 5: A,B,B.1,C,D
When I export data, I will get a spreadsheet for the past month, with all 5 values recorded for each day. However, the values will not be aligned correctly:
A has data for A
B has data for B
B.1 has historical data for C (!)
C has historical data for D (!)
D has no historical data

In the summary page, D will also show 0% met, and B.1 will have a completion percentage even though I haven't entered any data for it.

There are other failure modes for this bug:
If I change the threshold for a metric (e.g. from "no more than 2" to "no more than 3"), the threshold is applied to all historical data as well. This also affects the summary screens - the metric will show a much higher completion percentage than it should.

This bug is particularly painful since I tinker with the metrics weekly, as I learn more factors that are relevant to my goals, or decide that there are factors which are no longer relevant. I effectively don't get any benefit from the history and summary functions.
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