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Default IFitOne: Bug: Deleting data also deletes metrics customization

When I accidentally selected "delete all data" (I intended to "export my data", and hit confirm without realizing I had chosen the wrong option - should those really be adjacent on the menu?), I was horrified to find that all of my customized metrics had been erased, and I was stuck with the default IFitOne metrics! (actually, I am guessing that I hit the delete all data option, based on the results - I don't actually know why the app apparently reset on me...)

This is particularly frustrating, as the logs are still present on disk with the metrics defined. I had to recreate the metrics, and lost all history - sigh. It was almost a consolation that the history was all corrupt anyway because of the "failure to change historical data" bug I filed a minute ago...

Perhaps something else happened to reset the app back to factory defaults?
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