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Unhappy IFitOne: Am I managing data correctly?

So, as I learn how to use the tool, I have found I need to be able to manage the data to work around some of the limits in the tool.

Bug: IFO will corrupt the history of any metrics after the point of insertion if I try to insert them in the list.
Workaround: I only add new metrics at the _end_ of the list. Unfortunately, this breaks my sorting for my metrics (by type).
Anything smarter that I can try?

Bug: IFO includes corrupted history in calculating success percentages on the "Daily Goals Met" screens. (corruption caused by changing schema metrics at various points over the past 2 months).

Workaround 1 (Failed):
I tried to use the "date range" function to only consider newer data. However, the Daily Goals Met screens don't use the "date range" restriction - they appear to include all of history regardless of the "date range" I have selected (success percentages don't change no matter what I select).

Workaround 2: I deleted the log files for the dates prior to my schema change. This seemed to work - the success percentages are correct for the remaining history. It was sad to lose my progress on weight from that prior period, though.

+ Any better way of restricting the data that is used in the application
+ Is there any way to edit the log files to fix corrupted data? Editing the data using the UI is tedious when you have more than a week's data or so...

And, I am also interested to know if the support forums are active any more? Any chance of getting a support forum for IFitOne any time soon?
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