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Thank you for the Facebook page, you have our permission to use the logo as you have posted or any of the screenshots from our website, etc.

The developers are not considering heat maps or a desktop version at this time, but your suggestions have been provided to them for consideration as they do future review for iFitOne.

This feature may solve the need that you have to save your status images to post or share via e-mail in lieu of showing it on your desktop ------------

Saving Images or Sending them by E-mail
iFitOne makes it easy to capture any of the displays as an image and save as an image file or to send to yourself or someone else via e-mail. From the Menu in iFitOne, select Image > Save or E-mail.

When saving an image, you will be shown a confirmation telling you where the image has been stored on your device. The image name includes the name of the iFitOne view as well as the date and time that you captured the image.

When sending the image as an email attachment, the image will be saved. You will then be prompted to select an e-mail account to use to send the e-mail.

We are not experiencing the bugs that you have posted and no other user has reported these, the developers will need to test your details as time permits.
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