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Default partly correkt


yes, you are right it search in mobile numbers and in other number fields.

But i have stored a lot of business-contacts in my device and from a lot of them i know the last 3 or 4 digits as an "direct call" (sorry, donīt know the right word in english..)

When the number is stored like +496681234-567 it doesnīt find the contact if i type only 567, i have to type i.e. "6681" and then it findīs the contact. Seems the App works with a search expression "###%" and not as i need like "%###%".

Maybe there is a change to get in option to switch on or off such a search-mode, it would be very usefull if you have a lot of contacts from any big companys an the numbers are only diferent at the last digits.


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