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Default How do I use the new Dual Reminders feature?

While setting up an appointment (that already has a reminder), simpy tap on the Blue Bell 2 icon on the bottom tool bar to set up your 2nd reminder. Once you save the appointment you will see your primary appointmend and a secondary appointment as designated by the Blue Bell Icon in front of the subject. This secondary appointmenet will include a note field with the primary appointment information fields copied to it. You will also have a link (designated by the link icon) from the secondary appointment back to the primary appointment.

1. The 2nd reminder can be set before or after the 1st reminder, BUT, if you delete the 1st reminder, the 2nd one will be deleted also. You cannot have only a 2nd reminder without a 1st.

2. Once you set a secondary reminder for 9:00PM for example, 9:00PM will be the default time the next time you set a secondary reminder. If you change it to 7:00PM it will be set at 7:00PM the next time you set a secondary reminder.

3. Any time you edit and save a change to a Primary Appointment the Note field of the Secondary Appointment will be overwritten. If you want special infomation attached to a secondary reminder it is more reliable to put it in a task and link that task to the Secondary Appointment.

4. It is not possible to add a 2nd reminder onto a 2nd reminder. Only 2 reminders per item are possible.

5. You CANNOT have 2nd reminders on RECURRING items or if you turn an existing appointment or task into a RECURRING one. If you need to set a recurring item, you may want instead use a template to set those multiple items. Converting an existing primary appointment to a RECURRING item will delete the associated 2nd reminder, if present.

6. Colors and icons set in the original appointment will be copied to the 2nd reminder as well.
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