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Default How do I know if I should use the Pocket PC or Smartphone version?

If you have purchased the mobile version of CodeWallet Pro 2006 simply run the mobile installer from the desktop, select the correct Operating System for your device (Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5) and it will automatically determine if you have a Pocket PC phone or Smartphone and install the proper version. The mobile registration code will now work on either device.

For CodeWallet Pro 2005 please see the details belows:

If you have a Pocket PC or Pocket PC phone device, you will have a touch- screen and you will download/purchase the Pocket PC version of CodeWallet.

Smartphones do not have a touch-screen and you must manipulate your data by using the phone keyboard, you will download/purchase the Smartphone version of CodeWallet.

Note for Palm Treo 700W owners:

Please download the "Pocket PC" edition of CodeWallet Pro. The Treo 700W, while it is referred to as a 'Smartphone', actually runs the Pocket PC Phone Edition version of Windows Mobile.
If your Windows Mobile device has a touch screen, even though it may be called a 'Smartphone', it is actually running a version of the Pocket PC operating system. While this may change in the future, at this time (April 2006) this holds true for all currently released devices.
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