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Default Re: loxotron2

a) "Expanded menus" (in Mobile version) disappeared.
Even after disabling/enabling it in menu, no "Expanded menus" icons appears
This should be fixed in the version 6.01 release.
b) Syncronisation speed is terrible.
Still no sense to use, especially when you do not make simultaneous changes on Desktop and Mobile device.
If you want card-level synchronization it makes sense. If all you want is file-level synch, then use MS ActiveSync. However, you may set yourself up with some conflicts and loss of info.

c) Still not fully resolved issue on Syncronisation dirs locations on mobile and desktop device.
Even if sync utility sets Desktop syns dir, I have a wallet in Mobile device /My documents which on Activesync file syncing and CW syncing gives a file sync conflict for Activesync. So that cw sync cfg utility should set also a sync dir out of /My Documents on Mobile device.
Maybe I miss something ...
The reason that /My Documents isn't touched on the mobile device is primarily because this is the place where user documents are supposed to reside on MS mobile device. And, those who do want file level sync would be then be upset that we messed with that.
The sync utility detects conflicts on the desktop CW sync folder with any partnered ActiveSync folders. If one is detected, it will change the CW sync folder. This DOES NOT mean the ActiveSync folder will change and DOES NOT mean that ActiveSync file synchronization won't take place. It will if set to do so. You may end up with multiple copies of your wallet file on your desktop. One copy may be made by MS ActiveSync and be synced to the partnered device directory. This should not affect codewallet as long as the copy you have in the CW Sync dir isn't removed or replaced.

CW sync will likely trigger the ActiveSync file sync. Thus, CW->device->[ActiveSync] desktop is the cycle. I hope this makes sense.
d) That sync cfg utility can be launched from CW when "enable sync" checkbox is selected ?? I found that util it after an hour of using CW
If there is a detected conflict then you will be prompted to change your current cW sync dir.
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