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Old 31st March 2006, 04:22 PM
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Default My mobile device will not sync with the Desktop. How do I use the new Sync Utility?

We have created a Sync Utility that we hope will help you with your synchronization trouble. If you have CodeWallet Pro 2005 you can download the utility from the link below (if you have CodeWallet Pro 2006 it is included with your Desktop installation and you will find it in the Program Files\CodeWallet Pro 2006 Desktop directory)
We have included instructions below on how to use the utility as well.

CodeWallet Pro 2005/2006 synchronization setting utility. Revision: 3-3-2006.


This automated tool (CodeWalletProSyncUtility.exe) is designed to resolve synchronization trouble for users who want to sync the Desktop version of CodeWallet with either the Pocket PC or Smartphone version of CodeWallet. To learn more about how the tool works and what it does read the CodeWalletProSyncUtility Processing Steps.

How to use this utility:
  • Click on the link below and save the utility to your Desktop PC. The .exe file can be placed anywhere on the Desktop PC you like.
  • When launched, you will see a dialog with a button labeled 'Begin'.
  • Make sure that all instances of CodeWallet Pro 2005 are not running. You will be prompted with a message box if you happen to have CodeWallet Pro 2005 running when the 'Begin' button is pressed.
  • When the 'Begin' button is pressed, this utility will run the automated steps (as described below) to correct the potential synchronization setting problems. While this is happening, you will notice an updated status and description of what is occurring displayed in the area below the progress bar. When done, that 'white' area will become 'read-only'. If you want to save the text of the steps that were performed you can right click on this text and perform 'select all' and then copy to a text file.
  • Cradle your device, Open any wallet file on the Desktop, Select File Synchronize Now. Your files should now be synchronized.
Why would I need this utility?:

If the CodeWallet Pro Desktop Synchronization Folder (File Synchronization Settings Synchronize wallets with this folder on my computer: ) is set to the same path or sub-path of the setting Microsoft ActiveSync - My Documents folder, this can cause several problems.
  • There can be conflicts between MS ActiveSync File synchronization and CodeWallet Card-level synchronization. The conflicts may cause file access collision between the two applications which prevent synchronization form occurring.
  • Or, if CodeWallet did its synchronization, that would trigger MS Activesync to do its synchronization, and because of the method ActiveSync uses, could cause some wallet changes to be undone.
You could go to the CodeWallet Pro Desktop Synchronization Settings and change the CodeWallet Synchronization path (File Synchronization Settings Synchronize wallets with this folder on my computer: ) to a directory other than one used by Microsoft ActiveSync. Next, you would have to move or copy your wallet files that you want CodeWallet to synchronize into that directory. However, this may result in having multiple copies of the wallet file on the desktop. The CWSyncUtility program automates the process.

CodeWalletProSyncUtility Processing Steps
  • We detect if there is a conflict between the CodeWallet Pro Desktop Synchronization folder and any of the MS ActiveSync partnered devices. Each partnered device creates its own file sync folder when File synchronization is enabled.
  • If there is a conflict, we change the CodeWallet Pro setting to: My Documents\CodeWalletProSyncFolder.
  • If there are CodeWallet Pro 2005/2006 wallet files in any of the ActiveSync partnered file folders, they are copied into the new CodeWallet Pro sync directory. If there is a conflict (multiple copies) the one with the most recent date/time file stamp is copied over.
  • If the copied files were previously opened up on the desktop and are in the most recently used (MRU) list, that list is adjusted to refer to the new copies accordingly.
  • If there is room in the MRU (most recently used) list, any copied files that weren't in the list previously are added to the list this time.
  • If there are any Microsoft ActiveSync partnered devices profiled on the desktop PC, this utility will enable the CodeWallet Pro 2005/2006 setting (Enable wallet synchronization with a Windows Mobile Pocket PC and/or Smartphone) to allow for CodeWallet Pro synchronization.

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