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Old 10th March 2006, 04:23 PM
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Default I travel alot in other time zones, how do I change appts to reflect the time zones?

There are two ways to do this: Here's an example,
Home Time Zone is MDT Travel Time Zone is EDT
--Its 3PM MDT Thursday and you are in your Denver office. You need to schedule an 8AM EDT appointment in New York for next Monday. 1) This is the direct way to schedule the appointment, although it involves more steps. Exit Agenda Fusion.
Go to the Pocket PC System Settings and select your Visiting Time Zone to be "GMT-5 Eastern US"
Run Agenda Fusion, navigate to next Monday and schedule the 8AM appointment.
Exit Agenda Fusion.Go to the Pocket PC System Settings and select your Home Time Zone to be "GMT-7 Mountain US" Run Agenda Fusion, the appointment you scheduled will appear as 6AM in your schedule for as long as you have your PPC set to the Mountain Time Zone. When you create an appointment the currently selected Time Zone information is used to set the appointment time so that no matter which Time Zone you switch to the appointment's time will appear relative to the Time Zone it was scheduled in. 2) A second way to schedule the appointment which is easier to do but requires you to mentally calculate the appointment time. This way is more error prone given that in the world some time zones switch to/from Daylight Saving Time at different times of the year which would need to be accounted for here if scheduling the appointment manually.

Assuming your Home Time Zone of Mountain Daylight Time is selected:
-----------Run Agenda Fusion, navigate to next Monday and schedule the 8AM EDT appointment for 6AM instead of 8AM (the adjustment of the difference between EDT and MDT). When you travel and you switch your PPC to the Visiting Time Zone of Eastern US, then the appointment you scheduled for 6AM MDT will now display as 8AM in the Eastern Time Zone.
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