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Old 4th April 2006, 05:40 PM
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Default CodeWallet 2006 Update Information

Latest builds of CodeWallet Pro 2006

Mobile CodeWallet version 6.x:
-- Consolidated Mobile Registration Codes
When you order the Pocket PC version, your registration ID/code will work with the Smartphone version, and vice versa.
-- New Installer loads the correct version for your device
Run the mobile installer from the Desktop and select whether you have the Windows Mobile 2003 or Windows Mobile 5 Operating System. The installer will automatically load the Pocket PC or Smartphone version that you need.
-- New Languages Added
Now Supporting English US, English UK, German, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch (Belgian), Dutch (Netherlands), Norwegian (Nynorsk), Norwegian (Bokmål), Spanish, Swedish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Hebrew Ukrainian and Portuguese languages (with more to come...)
-- Improved Synchronization with the Desktop
New sync utility that installs with the Desktop version is available to auto-correct issues that commonly cause sync errors.

Desktop CodeWallet version 6.x:
-- Install Desktop CodeWallet to USB stick
Now take CodeWallet with you easily by having it on a USB device.
Note: Some items such as sample files and certain program options may be kept on the host PC. This means the program is not U3 compliant.
-- Print Wallet Cards from Desktop
Print Cards, Folders or entire Wallet contents.
Print cards from an open wallet in Desktop CodeWallet. Simply open a card you wish to print and select File > Print - Selection from the menu bar. If you wish to print ALL cards, then select “ALL” and all cards within the wallet will print. Be sure to check the Print - Settings tab to select whether or not to print hidden password fields.
-- Change How Card Fields Display
Modify how the card fields display/align for you. You can now choose single or Clasic multi-line. Also choose left or right justified options in single line display. See the changes on your device as well. (Changes cannot be initiated on the device).
-- Right Click Copy
You can now copy a field in your wallet by Right Clicking on the field and selecting Copy "Field Name". Previously you could only copy the field by double clicking on it.
-- Intuitive Sync Utility
New sync utility is available to auto-correct issues that commonly cause sync errors.

Update History for CodeWallet Pro 2005

Last Versions:
  • Desktop Edition 5.50 (11 Nov 2005)

  • Pocket PC & Smartphone Editions: 5.31 (29 September 2005)
Pocket PC Version Compatibility:
Windows Mobile 2003 OS and WM5 OS for Pocket PC/Pocket PC phones

Smartphone Version Compatibility:
Windows Mobile 2003 OS and WM5 OS for Smartphone

Desktop Version Compatibility:
Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003

Last Version 5 Mobile Updates:

v5.31 Mobile (29 September 2005)
  • Installer contains both the WM 5 and WM 2003 builds. User should choose the one appropriate for their device when prompted.
- some minor improvements to synchronization for future Desktop enhancements.

- Windows Mobile 5 enhancements (such as the picture picker)
- Danish language translation has been added.

v5.20 Mobile (03 June 2005)

  • Attachment Security reminder.

    When opening/viewing an attachment, a copy is made in the my documents folder. When closing the card, a reminder is mentioned of this and an opportunity to delete the temp file given.
v5.15 Mobile (20 May 2005)
  • Better support for synchronzing with more than one mobile device.
  • Fix to custom icons issue
  • Corrected issue that may have resulted in a corrupt wallet.

    When using a language of CodeWallet Pro on WM 2003 SE that was not the same language as your device OS, a memory allocation failure may have resulted in corruption to your wallet.
  • More robust checks to insure data reliablity
v5.10 Mobile (02 May 2005)
  • Faster file updates (see v5.13 desktop notes above)
  • Auto repair utility (see v5.13 desktop notes above)
  • New Expanded Menus option for Pocket PC

    This feature for Pocket PC will now allow you to choose to show additional menu buttons in the main view and in the editors for quick access to commonly used functions. By default this feature is NOT enabled.
v5.06 Mobile (18 April 2005)
  • Date picker functionality has been corrected
  • Users may pick .ico files with only one 16x16 or 32x32 embedded image in it (although .ico files with 16x16 AND 32x32 are preferred)
v5.04 Mobile (01 April 2005)
  • Custom icon display issue

    Corrected issue with erratic display of custom icons.
  • Behavior of CodeWallet Pro on mobile device at start of synchronization fixed

    By default, on the start of a synchronization from the Desktop edition, CodeWallet Pro on the mobile device will be instructed to close any currently open wallet (and return to the wallet files list) to allow it to be synchronized.

    In earlier builds, if CodeWallet Pro on the mobile device was already displaying the file picker, subsequent attempts to open a wallet would return you to the file listing. This is now fixed.
Last Version 5 Desktop Updates:

v5.50 Desktop (11 Nov 2005)
  • CodeWallet Pro Desktop v5.50 now makes it easier to work with your important information! New layout is more convenient than ever and makes working with notes much easier!
v5.20 Desktop (03 June 2005)
  • Attachment Security reminder.

    When opening/viewing an attachment, a copy is made in the my documents folder. When closing the card, a reminder is mentioned of this and an opportunity to delete the temp file given.
  • Improved help.

    Help file has been changed and more up-to-date info included.
v5.15 Desktop (20 April 2005)
  • Fixed issue when assigning an already imported custom icon to a card.

    When assigning a custom icon that you have already imported, the deletion or modification of the original card that contained the custom icon may have changed other cards that also used the custom icon.

  • Improved support for synchronizing with more than one mobile device.

    If you are synchronizing with more than one Pocket PC and/or Smartphone, please see the synchronization options screen and check the option indicating that you are synchronizing with more than one device. What this does is leave the deleted/modified item tracking in place within your wallet so that it is not cleared out on the synchronization, allowing you to for example now delete a card from your wallet on your Smartphone, sync with the Desktop, then sync with your Pocket PC and have those changes propagate across all devices.

  • Fix to issue when running a language of CodeWallet Pro on 2003 SE that was not the same language as the OS of your device.

    There was a very odd case involving memory allocation in this scenario that may have resulted in a corrupt wallet. Many thanks go out to those that helped us understand that it was this particular scenario that was causing the issue.
v5.13 Desktop (30 April 2005)

Faster file updates

In an effort to be a bit too conservative in the use of memory in previous releases, for large wallet files it may have taken a long time for file updates/writes, especially to storage card/flash memory media. Speed to handle certain wallet modifications has been improved by over 50%.

From the feedback on those who have reported an error 3/file read/write error, we have determined from our discussion with some of the users reporting this that it may have been from doing a soft-reset during a lengthy file operation in which the user may have thought the application was not responsive (particularly on a mobile device with a large wallet writing to flash memory). A soft-reset during the file write/modification is the most likely case of file corruption, as we've both thoroughly investigated the applicaton for issues and run automated testing over and over on wallets containing thousands of items in nearly all possible data combinations and have not been able to repeat the specific problems. The only way we've been able to repeat what we've seen in submissions of corrupted wallets is doing a soft-reset on the mobile device while the file is still being updated.

We've added a wait/busy cursor to better indicate that the application is still busy in those cases. The speed improvements should also reduce the chance that a user soft-resets during a file update, but just in case, we've added...
  • Automatic file repair

    If CodeWallet Pro, on opening a wallet detects that any of the data has been corrupted (again, the typical case has been a user performing a soft-reset while the file was being updated), you will be prompted to repair the wallet.

    As much data will be preserved as possible, prior to this release a corruption in the file would prevent access to the data, now the corrupted data will be removed and the file will be again accessible.
v5.11 Desktop (22 April 2005)
  • Better prompting when Canceling edit/layout changes.
  • File Read/Write :3 error code ...
In order to track down the issue some are having with 'freezes' or other cases which lead to this error code, we've added some extra error information in the Message Box. Those who have this issue are HIGHLY encouraged to report back to us via the forums the contents of this message box. It won't fix the issue (yet), but may help us find out what is happening in those rare cases. This is only the desktop version. Thus, those who have the mobile version would need to install this version on their desktops and copy the .cw5 file(s) in question to the desktop via ActiveSync File explorer. Because the file is possibly corrupt, it isn't recommended one trying to use our CodeWallet Sync feature to copy to the desktop.

See Version 5.13 which helps address the issue of corruption and helps explain why...

v5.10 Desktop (18 April 2005)

  • Enhanced card display/editor to be 'floating'.

    What does this mean?

    • You can now navigate in the main view while a card is current open in the viewer/editor.
    • "Ctrl+tab" key combination to toggle between the main window and the open card window.
    • The following actions are limited or disabled when a card is open:

      • Rename
      • Cut
      • Copy
      • Delete
    • If a card is open, and an options dialog is present (eg. icon selector, text/font size picker, attachment selection, etc), then double clicking on another card in the tree will not open the card. User must finish the current operation with the card before picking another card.
  • Copy/Paste supported between wallets on DesktopIf you have more than one instance of CodeWallet Pro 2005 open on the desktop, you may copy/paste cards between wallets.
  • Copy operation will now copy a text version of the card to the clipboard. This allows convenient pasting of the entire card content into another application.
  • Corrected/updated Lithuanian and Hebrew translations
  • Users may pick .ico files with only one 16x16 or 32x32 embedded image in it (although .ico files with 16x16 AND 32x32 are preferred)
  • When synchronizing upon device connection, open wallets are closed on the desktop as well as on devices and displays "synchronizing" message.Auto synch status display is enhanced with addition of 3 choices of how to display sync status

    • Show synchronization status: show the dialog when sync routine starts. when hidden, icon in system tray shows. Will show dialog when done.
    • Show status only when completed: shows the sync icon in system tray when in process, but shows the dialog when done. Cannot show dialog when in process.
    • Never show synchronization status: shows the sync icon in system tray when in process and removes it when done. No dialog is ever shown.

v5.09 Desktop (01 April 2005)

  • Added Auto Synchronization

    Automatic sychronization on device connection is now enabled.

    See File->Synchronization Options to select this.

    On the start of a sync, you will see an icon in the system tray on your desktop indicating that the synchronization has started.
v5.08 Desktop (01 April 2005)
  • Custom icon display issue

    Corrected issue with erratic display of custom icons.
  • Preparing desktop for changes to allow navigation in the main view while a card is currently open.
v5.07 Desktop (25 March 2005)
  • fixed: toolbar was being hidden by edit control.

    While note field editing, the initial display in the Desktop version would cause the tool bar to be hidden by edit control, and not resized properly.
  • Removed the 'hand cursor'

    While clicking on card types in the New Card select dialog (desktop version), previous version would show a hand cursor.
  • Addressed a potential memory leak while synchronizing.
v5.06 Desktop (23 March 2005)
  • Added CWX/form file preview

    When double-clicking a CWX file on your desktop PC, CodeWallet Pro will show you a basic preview of the fields contained in that information form
  • New Card Preview

    When creating a new card, you will now be able to easily see the layouts of the forms before selecting one.
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